E-Scow Season Slowing Down

On tax day, April 15, 2015, seven E-scows held five races in 8-10 knot shifty winds from the southwest.  We did windward-leeward courses into the cove.  While going far right or left paid off sometimes, going up the middle and

Waiting Pays Off

March is the best month for sailing on Sarasota Bay with a very reliable sea breeze nearly every day.   That was true for the eight E-Scows that raced on March 25, 2015.  It was calm until about 1:30 and then

Go Left, Young Man!

Go Left, Young Man

You know the expression, “Go West, Young Man”.  Jim Barr would echo the manna, but say Go West, or in our case “left” on the race course.  On Wednesday, March 19, 2015, six E scows raced

Shifty Winds Challenge E-Scows

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Shifty Winds Challenge E-Scows

Seven E-Scows with 28 sailors (4 to a boat) held eight races on December 3, 2014 in shifty easterly winds.  The triangle course

Windy E-Scowing

On Wednesday March 4, six E-Scows raced six races in strong winds from 12 to 20 knots with maybe higher gusts.  But, the conditions were ideal since the wind was from the south, lots of small white caps, but not

E-Scows Beat the Cold Front

When the cold arctic fronts come from the north, we get huge blasts of northerly winds, and 60 degree weather.  On Wednesday, January 7, 2015, we wanted to ring in the New Year, and had a full fleet of seven