Craig's Corner

A special welcome to Will and Mellissa Bartlett & their Wind Spirit 23’. Will and Mellissa were 1st in line to join the “World’s greatest sailing club” this year.

Early on into 2013 we’ve enjoyed Chamber style weather and robust

Craig's Corner

Sunday’s Election & Annual meeting show cased a distinctive aspect of our organization and reminded me that our destiny is driven by capable and talented Member volunteers. These Member volunteers, for over 60 years, have been asked to persevere, persist

Craig's Corner

Please come out and vote. I’ve been chewing on unique ways to motivate and stimulate a record voter turnout this year. I had thoughts of conveying a sinister image or shadowy times. Do I use symbols like sharks, brown bag

The Value of Volunteering

A distinguishing characteristic and integral part of our Club’s success & sustainability is the extraordinary value and emphasis our Membership places on Volunteerism.  Volunteers play a critical role in maintaining the unparalleled value, cost of operation, dues and fees.