May 20th Jack Attack Results.

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Jack Attack Course for 2016

Here are the possible courses we will use for the Friday Night “Jack Attack” Series.   

There will be a Short Course and and a long Course Selected.  

The Multi-Hull Class will determine their own “Jack Attack” course.  

The Course Letter “A>>E”

Friday Night Racing

Friday Night Welcome and trivia question has gone out to Friday Night Racers in the last 10 minutes.

If you didn’t receive but want to receive future mailings about Friday Night Racing, reply to and I will add you

Sunday Series Race 5/8/16

Yes,,, there is a Sunday Series Race this coming weekend.   I have been unable to get confirmation regarding an upcoming event, I believe sponsored by the Sarasota Yacht Club called the Mother’s Day Dash.   If this event

Sunday PHRF series

Hey sailors!!!   Tomorrow is Sunday. ..   12 noon skippers meeting. …  get that floating investment out on the Bay!!!!!   PS room for crew on Miller LITE..   Git er done!!!!!

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