Today’s race????

Based on predicted increase in winds exceeding gusts over 20 after 1:30p, I am canceling today’s race.. safety and sanity first. Still room for a few more guests at our Thursday 6pm dinner at the Anna Maria Oyster Bar landslide …

PHRF Racing Events


Three more chances for you to get the boat out on the BAY

11/18/17- Drumstick Regatta ($10 entry fee)
12/9/17- Commodores Cup ($10 entry fee)
1/1/18- Hangover Regatta ($10 entry fee)

One last reminder!!!

We have an informative GPS

Sarasota YC Bay Regatta

Hey Sailors!!!  It’s not to late to join in the fun…   Friday night registration & Model RC Soling  Regatta.  

Saturday in the Bay with a Reverse Handicap race.   Great dinner at SYC on Saturday night.   All