Election Update

The Nominating Committee has announced its recommended slate of nominees for the 2011 election of the Board of Directors at the August Board meeting.
As of this writing, two others are also running for election.  Current, incumbent Vice Commodore John

Ballbuster’s August 2010

SQUADRON DATE 072810 It was so hot and humid today that I can not blame anyone for not coming to our Ballbuster Work Party today. No wind and lots of humidity and heat. The body drips sweat and it doesn’t

Nominating Committee reports

At the Aug 10 Board Meeting, Nominating Committee Chairman, Lou Magliano presented the following slate of nominees to the Board of Directors and the membership:
Commodore;  David Jennings
Vice Commodore; John McKay
Rear Commodore; Bill Niblock
Treasurer; Pamala Paschall