Chris Branning….

 Chris Branning

Chris Branning, US Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot and Star of the Disney Movie “Morning Light” says this about the Sarasota Sailing Squadron:

“If you have to grow up, there is no better place to do that than the Sarasota Sailing Squadron and Youth Sailing Program! I started sailing there in the 1st grade in the Learn to Sail program, and have been a member and fan of the facility and program ever since. My entire youth was spent at the SSS sailing with friends, afternoons at the sandbar, world class racing and practice – SSS has the best waterfront this country has to offer, so anything is possible at this club.”

Here are some of Chris’s sailing accomplishments:

Offshore Sailing

  • SoCal 300. RIO100. 100‘ . 2nd overall. Course record holder. Navigator.
  • Newport, CA – Cabo. RIO100. 100‘ . 1st to finish. 2nd class. Navigator
  • Volvo Ocean Race Preparation & Training. Alvimedica. Volvo Ocean 65. Navigator.
  • Hong Kong-Vietnam. Lucky. TP52. 1st in Class, 1st Overall. Trimmer/Helmsman.
  • Trans-Lake Superior Race. Il Mostro. Volvo 70. 3rd Class. Navigator.
  • Port Huron–Mackinac Island. Il Mostro. Volvo 70. 2nd Overall. Broke/Set Course Record. Navigator. 2013
  • Lauderdale-Jamaica. Ice Fire. ICR52. 2nd IRC, 2nd Overall. Navigator. 2013
  • Newport-Bermuda. Team Tiburon. R/P 74. 4th Class, 4th Overall. Navigator. 2012
  • San Diego-Puerto Vallarta. Loe Real. ORMA 60 Trimaran. 1st to Finish. Navigator. 2012
  • Annapolis-Newport. Vanquish. STP65. 6th in Class, 9th Overall. Navigator. 2011
  • FastNet Race. Vanquish. STP65. 2nd in Class, 3rd Overall of 247 boats. Navigator. 2011
  • Trans-Atlantic Race (Newport, RI to Cowes, England). STP65 Vanquish. 5th in Class, 6th Overall. Navigator 2011
  • Around Block Island. Vanquish. STP65. 2nd Class, 27th Overall. Navigator. 2011
  • Middle Sea Race. Lucky. TP52. 1st in Class, 1st Overall. Trimmer/Driver. 2010
  • Newport-Ensenada. Loe Real. ORMA60 Trimaran.1st to Finish, 2nd Div. Navigator. 2010
  • Ida Lewis. Decision. IRC TP-52. 3rd Div. Navigator. 2009
  • Akela. R/P 78 Maxi. 3rd fastest time ever for Monohull. Navigator. 2009
  • Lauderdale-Charleston. Vanquish. STP65 Maxi. 2nd. Navigator. 2009
  • Chicago-Mac. Genuine Risk. Canting Keel 97’ Maxi. 1st to finish. Mid-bow. 2008
  • Newport-Bermuda. Peregrine. J-120. 6th Div. Navigator. 2008
  • Morning Light. TP52. 3rd /9 Div, 2nd TP52 to Finish, 26th/76 boats Overall. Navigator. 2007
  • Annapolis-Newport. Decision. IRC TP52. 3rd IRC Overall. Navigator. 2007
  • Around Block Island. Alchemy. Andrews 77. 7th Overall. Navigator. 2007
  • Pyewacket Sea Trials and TransPac Qualification Sail. Pyewacket. Z100. 2007
  • Project Morning Light. Morning Light. TP52. Navigator. 2007
  • LA-Puerto Vallarta. Scout Spirit. R/P 78. Dismasted. Bowman. 2007
  • Around Long Island Race. Alchemy. Andrews 77. 1st to Finish. Helmsman.




  • Harbor Springs Regatta. Windquest. Z86 Maxi (water ballast). 2nd Overall. Navigator. 2014
  • NYYC Race Week. Hooligan. TP52. 4th Overall. Navigator. 2014
  • IRC East Coast Championship. Vanquish. 2nd Overall. Helmsman. 2009
  • Block Island Race Week. Cirrus. Far 40. 3rd Overall. Tactician. 2009
  • American Yacht Club Spring Series. Cirrus. Far 40. 3rd Div. Tactician. 2009
  • Far 40 2009 World Championship. Nimbus. Far 40. Helmsman. 2009
  • American Yacht Club Fall Series. Decision. TP52. Trimmer. 2007
  • Laser 2008 Olympic Trials, Newport, RI. 17th overall. 2008
  • Farr 40 2007 World Championship, Copenhagen, Denmark. Groovederci. Far 40. Pit. 2007
  • Farr 40 Baltic Race Week, Neuschdate, Germany. Groovederci. Far 40. Pit. 2007
  • Farr 40 Miami Acura Race Week. Groovederci. Far 40. Pit. 2007
  • Hoag Cup Invitational. Morning Light. TP52. 5th overall. Spin/Jib Trim. 2007
  • Antigua Race Week. Storm. R/P 44. 2nd in Division, 6th overall. Bowman. 2007

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