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YSP 2013 Sailfest Regatta

YSP – 2013 Sailfest Regatta, April 20-21

FOR DETIALS CONTACT – 941-504-4236

Sarasota Youth Sailing Attn: David Livingston PO Box 2706 Sarasota, FL 34230

2 Responses to YSP 2013 Sailfest Regatta

  1. Craig Bridges says:

    4/20-4/21/13 are the dates. You can email the YSP at sarasotayouthsailing@gmail.com

  2. Eric Swatek says:

    My son is in the VYBA and our calendar shows the SSS Sail Fest on 5/4-5/5/13. Your calendar shows it as 4/20-4/21/13. What is the actual date?


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