Fleet 36 Racing Update

Forecasts were for inclement weather Saturday but 6 Scots ventured out on the bay (5 with the intent to race and one out for a day sail).

Thank you to Marsh and Lainie for running the races for the day. We sailed out to the course on a light breeze but things certainly picked up as we got ready to race. Unfortunately Ted suffered a below deck headstay failure and was forced to retire before the racing began. The breeze was on and we were splashing and bashing to windward with crews fully hiked out and then some. After some fun sleigh rides. The day ended back at the pavilion with veggies and dip. Podium results for the day were 1) Eightball, 2) Sidewalk Express, 3) Yellow boat with Dan, Jim and Dot.

See you next Saturday!!!!!!!

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