Flying Scots next fleet race March 10 – Pot O Gold

Reminder the next fleet race is this Saturday Mar 10.  We will be doing the Pot of Gold Regatta @ 11:30 am – 5:00 pm

Last Fleet Race Feb 24 had amazing weather, great RC’ing , great breeze and a ‘Fine’ turnout.  As a friend of mine says JAPSDIP… Just Another Perfect Sailing Day In Paradise!

Tom Gallagher, from the Greater Richmond Sailing Assoc would like to come down for the mid winters but he doesn’t have crew.  If you need crew for the Midwinters ‘please’ let him know at the following contact info

Items of note:

  • Merritt Island Districts is 03/10/18 – 03/11/18
  • We had decided at the start of the season (year) to collect 40$ from the FS skippers to give to SSS to cover RC usage gas etc.  I have been neglecting to collect this.. I will continue to do this after racing
  • Please bring food for the Apres Sail (gentle reminder)
  • Please register for our Midwinters
  • Please help out if you can and contact Richard Elsishans with RC for the following dates:
    • Mar 16-18 One Design Mids

Please let me know if skippers need crew and crew need skippers.



“We’re in the eleventh position, we can’t think about winning. We’re going to set ourselves new targets to beat as many boats as we can, one boat at a time.”… Simon Walker

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