Race Management Seminar well attended

21 sailors attend the US Sailing One Day Race Management Seminar Conducted by Tom Farquhar. The seminar was held Saturday February 2nd at Sarasota Yacht Club, arranged for us by Michelle Lee. Mr. Farquhar is an International Race Officer who has extensive experience and knowledge in race management. We were very fortunate to have him as the instructor. Feedback from those attending has been very positive. This is an important step in steady improvements in the Squadrons racing program, toward the vision of being the best sailing club. We have the water, the facility, and an abundance of talent. Talent alone is not enough, training and experience make the difference.

The tuition and US Sailing membership costs were paid by the Squadron for Squadron members who agreed to volunteer for at least 5 racing events. We will be working to increase the volunteerism so we avoid burning out our regular volunteers. If you have not participated on a Race Committee, please consider doing so. First it’s fun, you get to appreciate another aspect of sailboat racing, and if it’s a series race, you get generous points for volunteering so your series score, at the very least, will be unaffected. If you are not planning on racing in a regatta, volunteer for Race Committee. It’s a great day on the water and a chance to support your fellow sailors.

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