Close Racing in E-Scows

Close Racing in E-Scows

Seven E-Scows held five triangle races on January 14 in NNE winds of 8-10 knots.  We would have had eight boats out if more crews were not discouraged by the overcast skies.  The racing was close with excellent starts using our new Rabbit approach with a defined start line, close roundings, tight reaches and finishes.  There were two loud E-Scow crunches and several proximity roundings to avoid squeezing around crowded marks.  Generally, going left paid off with consistent lifts, while also avoiding the adverse current to the right.

While we do not keep score, four E-Scows won one or more races.  Fast boats included: Valdek Kwasniewski in W 18; Fred Wieck and Mark Grinder, sharing the helm in KU 18; Richard Elsishans and Bill Kimball, also sharing the helm in CR 50; and Bob Blomquist in #33.  Jim Barr in #1, John Gallick in V 69 and Doug Dearden in #101 also had some good races.

If you're  not familiar with the E-Scow program, you've probably noticed we share the helm a lot. It's certainly a great way to bring new skippers on board! And since the boat has two rudders, the mighty "E"  is a perfect training platform! However, we occasionally run into problems when one skipper wants to zig, and the other wants to zag.

The fleet welcomed our newest SSS member, Kenny Silvestri who quickly learned the intricacies of working the boards on CR 50.  Speaking of new members, if you're looking for something to do on a Wednesday afternoon, consider joining the E-Scow fleet for an exciting sail. We meet at noon by the E-Scow row on the North side of the squadron. If you're new to sailing, we'll pair you up with an experienced crew. Many of the squadron's new members have learned to sail with us! For details, give Jim Barr a call at 941-366-1972.

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