Deep in the E-Scow Season

Traditionally, E-Scow racing at SSS ends in early June.  But, not this year, we have been racing most Wednesdays evenings (arrive at 5 PM, race at 6 PM) with a few exceptions when there was no wind (once), or lighting and rain storms (a couple of times).  Regular skippers have been Richard Elsishans, Doug Dearden, Bob Blomquist and Ted Weihe, and a long list of stay-in Sarasota crews.   Summer vacations have made attendance sporadic.  But, there is a secret — ignore the heavy afternoon rain at your home and come to the club and you will be surprised how often we are able to race.  In fact, the number of boats that race is more a factor of sufficient crew, then skippers willing to take their E-Scows out.  We encourage SSS members to join us.

A point of fact was last Wednesday, July 29, 2015 when we had two E-Scows match racing with winds from the northwest, veering to the north, at about 10 to 14 knots.  We held four 2-lap races with the weather mark near the Manatee sign off the mooring field, and a starting line and gate just above the channel.  Bob Blomquist in E-Go lost most of the 3 minute starts, but finished ahead of Ted Weihe’s Bodacious on the downwind legs.  It was overcast, low humidity and excellent winds with little boat traffic.  I cannot tell you how thrilled we were to be on the water!

On E-Go # 9, Bob raced with a crew of Doug Dearden who was giving advice all along the course, Micah Carder who Bob meet at Fresh Fields and said she wanted to sail, and Stephan Austin, our favorite  former ballet dancer and physical therapist.   In Bodacious CH 19, Ted Weihe shared the helm with Valdek Kwasniewski and his daughter and SYP Laser sailor, Mia who starts aeronautical engineering this fall in college, and ever reliable Jerry Wheeler on the jib.

After racing, we gathered for the usual beer and nuts.  Bill Meissenheimer has been tasked with converting E-Go to an asymmetrical and we are exploring helping him buy and bring down another A-Sym E-Scow.  The goal is to have a full fleet of class-compliant E-Scows, and at some time, hold the mid-winters for the National E-Scow Association.

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