Five Dolphins Start E-Scows

Okay, the title may be misleading, but if they could, they would.  Maybe, they were just on lookers, checking us out.

We had four E-Scows on the race course off the cove on June 5, 2016 in light and shifty wind, 2 to 10+ knots.  At one moment, you were ahead, and then a shift, you were behind.  Going left paid off most of time with a little more wind, and lifts to the weather mark.

We held six races (5 one lap, and the last one, two laps).  Each E-Scow won at least one race.  Bodacious did better with the most wins, with a jump on the fleet at starts (maybe it helps to be the timer).  Do we score?  Yes. Do we record them? No.   We just want to have a good time on the Bay in the cool evenings of summer.

Bodacious was raced with Ted Weihe, Jerry Wheeler and Valdek Kwasniewski who is chief strategist.  Synergy by accident prone and recovering Doug Dearden (Hey, he didn’t hurt himself like the last two outings) as well as Thomas Fugina and Richard (Dickie) Sherman.  Sweet Thank (or is it Song) was raced by Bill Meissenheimer, ever present and lovely Michele Lee and Will Bither.  In his final race before going north to race C Scows, Jim Barr raced E-Ticket with Judy Hodgson, Bill Kimbell and his grand-daughter Emma.  Jim Barr broke his trailer tongue and, in an act of mercy, Doug Fisher fixed it quickly.  Thanks Doug

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