E-Scows Enjoy Evening Races

The last two weeks, we shifted racing E-Scows to Wednesday evenings.  Last week, it was light and shifty from the west.  The four E’s started early at about 3:30 and finished in time for the wonderful party we gave for Vanessa Hamalian who is expecting a baby girl.   We had lots of food, beer and entertainment.  Richard was MC with pin the sperm on the ovary, and guessing the baby food contests.

Yesterday on June 1st, we had four E’s racing beyond the bar in the bay.  The wind kept building from the NNW from 12 to 18 knot gusts and some challenging bow down swells.  Conditions could not have been better.  We held four races: two one lap, and two double laps.  Richard Elsishans and Ted Weihe dominated.

The wind shifted from 300 to 315 degrees to the right, and the course was adjusted after the second race.  Richard claims that this shift is due to the rotation of the earth in the late evening – never heard that explanation before, but he was a pilot so probably knows weather systems better than most.  Or, maybe just kidding.

After racing and socializing on the dock, we honored the swim teams headed by Bill Meissenheimer and Valdek Kwasniewski (he claims equipment failure) who capsized at the weather mark.  Both crews did a little swimming and got their boats up without much trouble.

It is good to have a doctor on board.  Doug (hacksaw) Dearden cut his finger and Phyllis wrapped it up.  Her bill is in the mail, and she now expects to own Doug’s boat.

We missed our snowbirds and locals because we could only man the E’s with three each – we really needed a fourth as the wind built.  Richard did fly his Asym, but with three person crew and lots of wind, none of us used them on the race course.

Richard Elsishans skippered with his wife Phyllis and Bill Kimble; Bill Meissenheimer skippered with his crew of Will and Michelle Lee; Ted Weihe had his regular crew of Jerry Wheeler and Valdek Kwasniewski; and Doug Dearden raced with JP Gorgue and Thomas Fugina.   Jim Barr decided not to race with only Dickie and Emma as crew.

Next week, we plan to race again on Wednesday evening arriving at 5 PM.  We are searching for crew – no experience needed.  Bob Blomquist plans to come out now that Glenda is on the mend from knee surgery.  Call Richard Elsishans (941 914-0516 if you are interested.

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