E-Scows Tackle the Breeze

It was iffy if we were going to race on Wednesday November 18 with gusts up to 27 knots when we arrived around noon.  There is always some boat work to do if we cannot race including putting a mast up or doing some repairs.  But, we could see that the wind was moderating and we launched six E-Scows for some exciting racing.

When we left the dock, it was still clocking in the upper teens, but once the course was laid out – rabbit starts and two laps – the wind moderated from 12 to 16 knots.  We held five or six races – one was mostly a close hauled up, downwind reach down because the wind kept shifting dramatically from south to southwest.  We had to adjust the race course several times.

We had several new racers including Bob Cole and friends of Bill Pretyka and Bill Meissenheimer.   It paid off to go right towards the shift, but we still had some close calls with port tackers at the weather mark including a proximity rounding (a term we use when there is no buoy room for the port tacker and just rounds near the mark).

Jim Barr, Doug Dearden and Ted Weihe were going fast and finished ahead of the fleet on several races.  EGO had Bob, Daryl, Bill and Will; E-Ticket had Jim, Bill, Matt and Judy; System E had Richard, Don, Bob and Michelle; Rev it Up had Doug, J.P., Kenny and Thomas; Synergy had John, Bill, Lynn and Randy; and Bodacious had Ted, Valdek, Jerry and Lutz.  That adds up to 22 sailors on the race course.  At our dock party, we had an uninvited guest – a manatee.

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