E-Scow Season Slowing Down

On tax day, April 15, 2015, seven E-scows held five races in 8-10 knot shifty winds from the southwest.  We did windward-leeward courses into the cove.  While going far right or left paid off sometimes, going up the middle and tacking on headers was usually the most successful.  Crews included: CR 50 with Richard Elsishans, Don Fancher, Bill Kimbell and Phil Maises; CH 19 with Ted Weihe, Valdek Kwasniewski, Bob Blomquist and Jerry Wheeler; CR10 with John Gallick, Bill Cotsworth, Lynn and Randy Scott; JF1 with Jim Barr, Dick Sherman, Bill Meissenheimer and Kenney Silvestri; System E with Fred Wieck, Jeff Nicholas, Dave Leising and John Lewis; Rev it Up with Doug Dearden, Dave Pederson, Thomas Fugina and JP Gorgue; and Arme with Bill Noland, Chris Herdich and Cory Noland.

On April 1, 2015, Randy and Lynn Scott organized our annual barbecue.  They summarized the closeness of the two scow fleets with the logo on the aprons which read “E=MC2” as Randy and Pete Weir cooked and prepared a barbecue for over 50 E and MC scow racers and family.  The barbecue climaxed an extraordinary turnout of nine E-Scows, the most ever for Wednesday afternoon informal racing.

But, the real highlight of the day was the get-together dinner in which Randy and Lynn created a fabulous party for us including bringing E Scow table flags from the E-Scow Nationals that took place last year at Crystal Lake in Frankfort, Michigan.

Our SSS Fleet Captain Richard Elsishans announced “Sailor of the Year” awards.  It was not a surprise that Jim Barr, our stalwart and longstanding champion of the E-Scow fleet, was selected.  Jim has built one of the most effective and close knit fleets at SSS through his leadership, providing E-Scows and helping keep them racing, several for over 18 years.

But to his total surprise, Ted Weihe was selected as “Sailor of the Year” for the MC fleet.   This fleet has grown almost overnight as one of the most active with racing every Friday afternoon, and often on Saturdays with the Flying Scots.  Ted provides marks, whistle starts many of the MC races, and he and his wife, Judy, hosted the E & MC Christmas party every year.

Okay, E=MC2 for relativity, a perfect metaphor.  The two fleets are closely linked and add up to more than two.  E Scows and MC Scows are perfect for Sarasota Bay.  The E’s with blazing speed often race with four aboard; and the MC’s, quick and agile, are raced solo or duo.  They are mostly the same racers having a lot of fun competing against each other, twice a week.  Isn’t that a “Sailor’s Paradise”?


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