Fast Ride Home

Storm Chases MC’s in

When we set up the course on Wednesday July 20 for the MCs, we decided to keep it close to the club.  And with good reason!  

After a race and a half, a thunderstorm came roaring in and we got a very fast ride back to the club docks.  One minute we were going upwind into a light northwesterly and the next downwind in a wild southeasterly.

We should have observed the omens.  Two trailers broke as we were moving MCs to the launch area. Later, a sail split on the quick return said it all.

We have been racing E’s on Wednesday evenings, but we thought our MCs were neglected.  We had six MCs on the race course: Richard, Ted, Jerry with Doug, Stephen with Rachel, Don and Valdek.  Dave tried to join us, but he stepped on his trailer and it broke in two.

The first race – twice around with a gate – went well with most MCs running the line on the upwind leg; and as we went downwind, the wind shifted to the right.  We repositioned the starting line for the next race as we looked over our shoulders at the black clouds.  Not deterred, we started the second race, rounded the weather mark, then at the starting gate, the blast of wind arrived.  We had a really exciting ride back to the docks.

Bill and his crew practiced Asym work on an E Scow and prudently got in before the storm.  We gathered after the lightning died down – one did strike the water – in the porch and enjoyed our usual camaraderie with beer and nuts

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