Five E-Scows Begin Fall Season

We are now in the fall season which means that E-Scows race on Wednesday afternoons (arrive at noon, launch at 1), and MCs on Friday afternoons, same times.  On October 7, we held four races, the first in very light and shifty easterly.  The next three twice around, weather-leeward races, and the wind picked up and shifted to the west from 8 to 10 knots.  Jim Barr was back in E-Ticket with his usual crew of Dick and Bill.  Bob Blomquist raced E-Go with Mikah and Daryl.  Ted Weihe in Bodacious raced with Jerry and Dave.  Doug Dearden raced Rev It Up with Thomas driving and JP.  E-Go hit a mark and did a 360 (a good omen for the season), Jim was over early in one race, and Thomas clobbered his head on a jibe, and Rev It Up came in early.  Jim suggested easing the vang before jibing so as not to hit your noggin.  We had our usual dockside party with beer, nuts, Glenda’s dip and Ted’s Fair Trade dark chocolate.

On October 1-3, 2015, three MCs from SSS raced at the Masters in Chattanooga, TN.  It rained on and off for the 10 hours down and back; and rained heavy and light for the entire four day regatta.  Fortunately there was enough wind to get off all five races (Practice on Wednesday, two on Thursday, two on Friday and one on Saturday).  There were no after-racing discussions, so it took the three of us several races to figure out there was a huge lift on port at the finishes, focus on racing in clear air up the middle and the current (hydro-power was on at the dam) was not a big factor.  Starts were a real challenge with 56 boats on the line, and other than one great start by Valdek, we got hosed in most of them.  Surprisingly there was no OCS so we assume you needed to really push the line for a good start.  Most of the skippers had been sailing MCs for dozens of years (if not decades), and went to at least four or five major regattas a year especially liking the Masters.  There are really tough competitors.

Valdek finished 28th (18, 35, 32, 24 & 26), John Tarrant (who was in the process of bringing his MC to SSS from Lake George) finished 37th (41, 28, 42, 38 & 33) and Ted Weihe 39th (48, 33, 43, 40 & 29).  Ted finished fifth in his mega-master class (70 to 80) out of 11.  There are three Lake Eustis Sailing Club MC regattas scheduled for this winter: Southeast Regionals (Nov 14 & 15); Train Wreck (Jan 29 and 31), and Mid-Winters (Mar 10-12).

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