Five E-Scows Race in Light Airs

On Wednesday afternoon, October 28, five E-Scows raced in mostly light winds from the west despite early morning rains and lack of wind until the sea breeze blew in at 8 to 10 knots.  We held four races into the cove, twice around on short course.  Generally, it paid off to go left into the cove where the wind seemed steadier, and get a lift to the weather mark.  There were several tight starts with Bodacious generally going up wind real fast.  Ted Weihe raced with Valdek and Jerry.  Bill Meissenheimer skippered with Randy and Lynn.  Bob Blomquist raced with Micah and Phil.  Doug Dearden raced with Bill and Steve.  Richard Elsishans skippered with Michael Lee and Brenda and went in early with a broken outhaul.  Jim Barr, our fleet captain, is recovering from a pacemaker implant at home.  You can contact him at 941 366-1972 to wish him well.  Next major E-Scow regatta is the Sarasota Yacht Club in two weeks.

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