Lake Racing for E-Scows

Lake Racing

We know that when the wind is from the East to expect big shifts and unexpected blasts.  But, with the sea breeze from the Southwest, it is usually pretty steady and predictable. 

Not so on Wednesday evening, June 29, 2016.  We experienced true lake conditions.  The only real lake racer in our four boat E-Scow fleet was Bill Meissenheimer.   He d………….  At our after-racing dock party, I was told not to use the “d” word, so instead, “He did well.”

The shifty winds were from 3 -6 with maybe gusts of 10.  But, the blasts seemed to come from about any direction including a few auto-tacks.  It appeared that going left paid off with a pretty strong current to avoid on the right.

Sweet Thing with Bill at the helm tacked on the headers and found the puffs.  He “did very well” for 4 out of the six one-lap races.  He raced with Billy P (one of four Bills in the fleet) and Michelle (one of three women racing with us).

Ted and Valdek shared the helm in Bodacious with Jerry on the jib.  Newbie was skippered by Richard with Phyllis, Bill Jr. and new comer, Jennifer who is here for the summer from Richmond.  Synergy had its usual crew skippered by Big Dave with Dickie, Doug and Thomas.

We are deeper into the summer season than ever before.  We expect to have four E-Scows out for all of July on Wednesday evenings based on a poll at the dock party (thanks for the watermelon, Craig).

If you are interested or know someone who wants to crew and get out on the water (no skills required), contact Richard Elsishans ( or 941 914-0516.

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