Racing with Easterlies is Challenging

The shift from sailing on Wednesday afternoons to evenings was a great success on May 27, 2015 as five E-Scows held four races above the bar with the weather mark near marker 13.  Wind shifts went from Northeast to East, and thunderheads sent down gusts that could nearly capsize.

As a result, we keep shifting the starting line to the right as the first race was close hauled upwind and reaches downwind.  But, we adjusted the line to get in two good races.  But, with gusty conditions, one boat went in early, and another had a scheduling conflict.  We raced twice around with 3 minute whistle starts.  Since we are there to have fun, and avoid collisions, we do have special rules – if barging, it is okay to start on the wrong side of the mark (if you are the start boat and own the buoys.  We will not identify the boat which enjoys this special privilege).

The racing conditions, while challenging, could not have been better.  We plan to continue with the Wednesday evening racing as long as possible into the summer: arrive at 4 PM and launch at 5 PM.  We really do need more SSS members to leave work a little early and join us.

E-Infinity was skippered by Richard Elsishans with Michelle Lee, Vanessa Hamalian and Janeen Rocas; E-Go was skippered by Bob Blomquist with Bill Pretyka, Katheryn and Brian who are graduating doctors from Lakewood Ranch; Rev It Up was skippered by Dave Pedersen with Doug Dearden, JP Gorgue and Tom Fugina, and Bodacious was skippered by Ted Weihe, Valdek Kwasniewski (who skippered one race) and Jerry Wheeler.

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