Record Turnout of E’s in August

We have always thought of our E-Scow schedule as when the snow birds are here from the cold north –late September to early June.  But, the stay-at-home E scow sailors have been out every Wednesday evening weather permitting.

On Wednesday, August 5, we have five E-scows on the race course – a record.  Conditions were challenging with up and down light winds from the northwest, veering to the north.  We raced north of the bar, and the current got steadily stronger in which you needed to tack high to around the weather mark (as several of us found out, hitting it).  Basically, the challenge was finding the wind puffs, and generally it paid off to go left and approach the weather mark on port tack, directly into the current.  We did twice around with whistle starts and one disputed recall with three boats barging at the start (and luckily no contact).

Richard Elsishans in Infinity, with his crew of Michelle and son Andy Lee, and Bill Pretyka, led several races except the final fourth one.  Bill Meisenheimer in E Ticket also led several races with his crew of Mark Famiglietti, Will Bither and Briana Dobbs.  Dave Pederson in Rev It Up was the most consistent with mostly seconds with Doug Dearden and Thomas Fugina as crew.  Ted Weihe and Valdek Kwasniewski, who skippered one race, with Jerry Wheeler and Judy Brown raced Bodacious (and practiced their Asym).  Finally, Bob Blomquist in E-Go raced with Stephan Austin, Rachel Harvey and Mica.

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