Scow Fleet Sails “Finally”

The El Nino winter has put a real damper on the Scow Fleet sailing. The E scow fleet sails weekly on Wednesdays. This year the timing of the winter weather has hit almost every Wednesday with wind in the +25mph range. This could not have happened at a more inopportune time. This year several owner/skippers have obtained or upgraded their boats from symmetrical to asymmetrical spinnakers. The result is a real pent up desire to sail and learn the skills associated with the change. The differences in the boats are just significant enough to make starting out in high winds intimidating. This all ended Wednesday this week. The weather was warm, wind was moderate so a full complement of E Scow went out minus Jim Barr the fleet captain who is recovering from surgery. He is doing well and anxious to get back to sailing his new asym Scow. All the boats did well with a couple of “shrimped” spinnakers but none went over.
The MC Scow fleet had the same frustrations.. The Scot’s and Scows race together generally every other Saturday. They had several weekend races cancelled. The MC fleet also sails every Friday afternoon. Several Fridays were canceled. That ended this week. The Scot’s and 8 Scows raced to ideal conditions on Saturday. The racing was very close with Lynn Scott showing the boys how it’s done with a first place, Burke Wasserman took a second in a tie breaker with Lynn and Randy Scott took third with a tie breaker with John Tarrant
The MC Fleet is hosting the MC Cup March 4, 5, and 6. So the warm sunny weather and moderate winds brought out a full complement of 12 MC sailors both SSS sailors and visitors preparing for the Cup next week. The conditions varied from E 6 to 8 switching to a diminishing sea breeze.
The Scows were not the only sailors enjoying the change in weather. The parking and dock were stressed with Thistles here for a three day regatta, Scows, PHRF fleet and pleasure craft all wanting to sail the Bay.

By Ted Weihe Rear Commodore Sarasota Sailing Squadron

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