It’s official! The Sarasota Sailing Squadron is now home to MC Scow Fleet 97. In just a few short months, the fleet grew from two boats to eight. I’ve never seen anything like it! Is it because the MC is fast and fun? Or maybe it’s because the boat is simple and affordable? Or perhaps the draw is national level competitions are close buy? All of these ingredients certainly contributed to our rapid success. However, our club manager, Craig, was quick to point out that I forgot one important aspect of fleet building – the people! Craig shared with me that our fleet is truly an amazing bunch of sailors to work with! If you’re interested in some great one-design racing, come join us on the water! Please give me a call at 941-914-0516; we frequently have loaner boats available.

Speaking of our racers, two of us recently traveled to Lake Eustis for the Train Wreck Regatta. Veteran Lightning sailor, Mark Grinder, got off to a great start in his new boat with a sixth place finish overall and a third place finish in the last race. When asked about his initial impressions, Mark said, “The boat is certainly a thrill to sail! We had a screaming reach on one of the legs that was just exhilarating!” Commenting on the racing, Mark was impressed by the experience and professionalism of the skippers, “You would be hard pressed to find a jerk on the race course. Everyone knew the rules and sailed by them.” As the new guy, Mark found the Eustis fleet very welcoming! They were quick to help him assemble his boat and frequently shared tuning tips. You couldn’t ask for a better regatta. Thanks to the gang at Eustis for an amazing weekend.

Here in Sarasota, Fleet 97 members Mark, Lynn, and Randy joined me on the Race Committee for the Multi hull Regatta. While I would much rather be sailing, it’s important to remember that races don’t happen without volunteers on the committee boat. Moreover, I did learn a few things that will help me on the race course in the future. Having done it several times, I now know what to do if I see a “C” Flag and a Red Flag posted at the leeward gate!

By now you have probably noticed that I am totally enamored with the MC Scow. It’s the perfect boat for Sarasota Bay! For those of you interested in one – design racing, I would encourage you to check out the Flying Scot fleet or the newly formed MC Scow and Viper fleet. And let’s not forget Jim Barr and the E-Scow fleet. If you’re looking for a thrill ride on a Wednesday afternoon, the E-Scows meet at noon. This is a great way to learn to sail; Jim says all are welcome. As excited as I am about our new MC fleet, I’m even more excited about the growing one-design presence in Sarasota. There is no better way to hone your racing skills! And whatever your interests, Sarasota now has a fleet to meet your needs. I look forward to seeing you on the bay!


Richard Elsishans

MC Scow Fleet 97


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  1. Looking to buy an MC Scow in the 1400-1800 hull range. If you’re selling drop me a line. I’m in Orlando.