Shifty Winds Challenge E-Scows

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Shifty Winds Challenge E-Scows

Seven E-Scows with 28 sailors (4 to a boat) held eight races on December 3, 2014 in shifty easterly winds.  The triangle course was set with the start near Marker 19 in winds that greatly varied in speeds from 5 to 12 knots with frequent 20 degree wind shifts.  At times it appeared to pay off going to the edges, but a wind shift dropped an E-Scow from first to last.   In retrospect, it was best to start late at the rabbit start, play the middle and tack on headers.  We don’t keep score but Jeff Nicholas, just back from his snow-covered corn fields of Iowa, was going real fast.  We welcome SSS members to show up at noon on Wednesdays and be assigned a boat – we have another one or two that we can bring out if needed, and more in storage.

We race from 1 to 3 PM, and the highlight of the day is getting together, drinking some beer or other beverages, eating nuts or some chocolate or other goodies and swapping tall tales.  Jeff Nicholas is behind the camera.

The sailors who participated included:  #17 with John Gallick, Lynn and Randy Scot and Bill Cotsworth; #8 with Bill Meissenheimer with Valdek Kwasniewski, David Gross and Pete Weir; #101 with Doug Dearden, Thomas Fugina, Jean-Pierre Gorgue and Dave Peterson; #1 with E-Scow commodore, Jim Barr, Bill Pretyka, Dick Sherman and Cowlin; # 3 with Jeff Nicholas, Dennis Dudley, Phil Maiese and Bill Kimbel;  #33 with Ted Weihe, Bob Blomquist, Latz Winkelmann and Jerry Wheeler; and Bill Nolden, Chris Herdich and friends.

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