Six E-Scows Race in Shifty Winds

On Wednesday October 14, six E-Scows raced 7 short one lap races with the wind out of the west/northwest at about 6 knots.  The weather mark was off the club mooring field, and the start near the channel.  Sometimes it paid to go left into the cove with less adverse current, or right where there tended to be more wind.  Generally, there was a lift on port tack approaching the upwind mark.  Downwind, jibbing and going left into the channel with more current tended to pay off.

We welcome back Randy and Lynn Scott from upstate Michigan who raced with Bill Meissenheimer.  Jim Barr raced with Judy and Bill.  Bob Blomquist raced with Daryl and Ray.  Bill Nolden raced with Chris and Corey.  Dave Peterson raced with JP, Doug and Phil.  Ted Weihe raced with Jerry and Valdek.  Ted Weihe and Bill Nolden led a majority of the races along with Bob Blomquist and Jim Barr with one each – though we don’t keep count.

We welcome SSS members to join us on Wednesday afternoons.  You should arrive about around noon and we assign you a boat.  We try to launch at 1 PM, raced until about 3:30 and then come in, put the boats away and socialize on the dock.


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