SSS Skippers to Compete in Masters

Valdek Kwasniewski and Ted Weihe will be representing SSS at the MC Scow Masters Regatta at Privateer Yacht Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee from September 30 to October 3, 2015.  Skippers must be over 50 to compete and there are four divisions:  Masters, 50-59; Grand Master, 60-69, Mega Master, 70-95; and Old Salt, 80 and up.  Can’t be shy about your age since you must declare it to race.  There are 50 registered competitors so far.

One of the reasons to build the MC fleet at SSS was the opportunity to compete at national and regional levels.  Several of us have raced in the Mid-Winters at Lake Eustis; and many snowbird MC skippers compete at major MC regattas including the class championship.  Tennessee is about 10 hours away, so it is a great opportunity to start the Fall MC season.

So, if you see us practicing around the club on Wednesday and Friday evenings, we are getting ready for the regatta and trying our best to hone our skills: better boat handling, upwind speed, improved starts and rounding of buoys.

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