Flying Scot Fleet 36 News

June 9 Race Report

Saturday afternoon turned out to be yet another beautiful day for racing. Seven Scots raced on 3 races at the circle under the RC guidance of Team Eightball. Breezes were about 5-8 off the gulf and the water was nice and smooth. Finishes were tight throughout the fleet with good competition throughout. After the dust settled, Zoom came out on top, followed by When Pigs Fly (I think that is the name of Dave and Kim's boat) and Sidewalk Express. Mid fleet honors went to Scot Free, followed closely by Picardy, Serendipity and Lucky Dog. The 4:30 start time made for a more comfortable sailing experience and it was quite nice sitting out under the outer gazebo by the sea wall sharing tips and stories after the racing.

John and Sue at the North American Championships

John and Sue at the North American Championships

July 7 Race Report

What a GREAT day for racing on Sarasota Bay yesterday. Thanks mucho to Charlie and Kirk for running 3 races in the steady breezes blowing in off the gulf. The 4:30 start time worked great for some cooler weather for racing in the 7-10 kt breeze. We had 11 boats on the starting line racing between marks D and G. John and Sue (grey boat 5577) came back from their week of racing at the NACs to take the day followed closely by Sidewalk Express in second and Eightball in third. Mid fleet honors went to Wind Up Toy, just ahead of Lucky Dog and Scot Free. Topping off a super day of sailing was our post race rehydration session including frozen margheritas. Expertly mixed by our purveyors of fun John and Sue.

Next race action is July 21. Plans are coming together for a fun clinic/learning/sharing day in August.

final order of finish for Saturday:


July 21 Race Report

We had 9 Scot teams show up for racing. Scot Free stayed in as Mark was a little under the weather and American Dream could not be launched because of a broken trailer. So seven scots went racing including Kim and Dave down from the Tampa fleet and our newest fleet members Lisa and Brian McGinn in their boat Celtic Mist. Since Fred couldn't launch his boat he jumped in Big Ben to run the races. Racing was ideal. We had 8-10 kts of breeze blowing off the gulf, 20 degree shifts and flat water. We had 3 good races. After the 2nd race the McGinns  with a broken spinnaker pole headed into their canal on longboat and the Thinels took their boat in to pack up for the trip back to Clearwater. That left 5 boats sailing home after the 3rd race. As we started beating back to the squadron it became clear that we were in a race against time to beat a fast building summer storm to the squadron. On Eightball Stuart Smith (shanghaied star Leprechan crew) and I were about 1/2 mile from the squadron when the wind started picking up. We could see flags on the shore were out straight so we dropped sails as fast as we could at the first blast of building breeze. Once the sails were down we anchored and then looked around. What we saw were the other 4 Scots still on the bay either tipped over or tipping over. The fleet was in a bad situation. I am not sure of the sequence of events but I do know that with 4 boats over Fred could not rescue them all with Big Ben. A call went out for help from the RC boat. The boats were rescued by 1) Fred in Big Ben, 2)a good samaritan, 3) Sea Tow, 4)Sarasota Police Volunteers boat. After about a half hour the storm passed and everyone was accounted for. Lucky Dog was able to be righted before she swamped and was able to sail back on her own. Stuart and I were able to raise our sails again and sail off the anchor and back to the squadron. The remaining 3 boats were towed back to the squadron. There are lessons learned from this day both in seamanship and planning.

North American Championships

North American Championships

August 4 Race Report

Thank you Lainie and Marshall for running 4 good races this weekend. Saturday at 4:30 we had about 15 kts of wind out of the north that slowly waned as we raced. We had beautiful temps and some great sailing. The Strammers (Fred, Cathy and Chanelle)on American Dream won 2 of the races and the day. Congrats!!  Everybody else were jumbled up with a Leprechan, Sidewalk Express, Eightball and Wind Up Toy all showing flashes of brilliance. Racing was followed by a few cool ones and some tasty snacks under the pavilion. 

Keep an eye on the calendar. We have race dates including the Labor Day Regatta, Great Pumpkin Race and District Regatta scheduled for this fall as well as racing clinics to get ready for the coming season.

Tip of the Week:  When sailing downwind, don't just look ahead where you are going.  Watch behind you for the coming puffs and put your boat in position to take advantage of them.

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