Flying Scot Fleet 36 News

August Clinic Report

We had a great turnout at our August racing clinic. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for on the water learning but we certainly made to best of our on shore learning opportunity. First stop was Ron's tailgate where he demonstrated a well found support vehicle kit. Including parts and tools needed to effect immediate repairs to both boat and trailer. Next we visited Norris's boat where our resident Jedi Master Ron led the discussion and demonstrated tuning it up for a snug rig set up. (Mast rake, rig tension etc) With Lucky Dog the adjacent boat we also compared and explored the loose rig configuration. We adjourned to the pavilion where a lively round robin covered many areas including, use of the compass, boat trim, board placement, helm adjustment, down wind angles, spinnaker sets, practices and even a few fantastic stories true or at least claimed to be true.

September Clinic |Report

We had a good turnout for our 2nd clinic and unlike our 1st clinic, we got some sailing in before the weather came in to cut the day a little short. Veteran go fast artists, Ron P., Jim E., Chuck T. and Fred & Cathy S. teamed up with Team Lucky Dog, Tom & Winny, Robin & Peter, & Andy L. to share boat time and hands on instructions on spinnaker handling, upwind sail trim, tacking techniques, weight distribution and other aspects of racing fun.

On shore, once the boats were stowed, we had an excellent session led by our resident go fast Guru Jim Egan. Many of us are now in a 4 step jibe program. Easy to remember and very effective. Thanks to all that participated. We had a good time and made some good progress on the learning curve.

September 29 Race Report

It was a beautiful fall day on Sarasota Bay Saturday for the 7 Flying Scots out racing. Thank you to Cathy and Fred Jr. for the great RCing. Square lines and everything. Winds were about 5-10 off the gulf. Four races were run in the light and shifty winds. American Dream was tough on us all afternoon with 2 wins and 2 seconds. Other race winners were 5577 and Sidewalk Express. Most consistent for the day was Serendipity with (4) thirds. Challenger division honors went to Lucky Dog followed by Over Easy and 4538. This was a good day for teams to work on things that were learned in the clinic. Spinnaker work and upwind speed was definitely better throughout the fleet.

Once again the season fall/winter season is upon us and our snowbird friends are beginning to return. We have an active schedule this season with a couple of changes from previous years. We have scheduled most of our races for Saturday afternoons with a makeup day available for Sundays. Generally our schedule will run every other week. The dates are on the squadron calendar and are posted on the Flying Scot bulletin board. Our next big event is the Florida District Regatta the first weekend of November. We expect to see 30 Flying Scots racing around the bay. We welcome a new boat joining Fleet 36 as Jim & Arleen Starr are relocating to Sarasota from Pittsburgh and have brought their Scot to SSS. Be sure to say hello when you see them.

Tip of the day: Pay attention to all the little details. In a one design fleet, winning can be found in adding up all the little things.

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