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SSS Midwinter Regatta Scot Racing Recap

We had a fantastic weekend of racing in the SSS Midwinter Regatta. Great sailing weather and very tight racing. Eight Scots swapped tacks in 6 races over the 2 day regatta. Racing conditions were very shifty with breezes ranging from about 5 to 15+ kts. at the end of the racing on Saturday and 5-10 on Sunday. On Saturday, we all enjoyed a planing reach across the bay post race to the waiting shrimp boil and beer kegs. After the first day, John and Larry were in the lead with Ron and Barry close behind in 2nd. The next 3 boats were tied one point out of 2nd. Going into the last race on Sunday any of 4 boats could still win the regatta. Sidewalk Express took command of the race and the regatta half way up the first beat and never looked back. John and Larry in 5622 held on for 2nd one point ahead of Team Eightball. Thank you to a stellar RC for managing a great regatta.

Pot O Gold Regatta Scot Racing Recap

Pot O Gold 2012

Pot O Gold 2012

Great turnout for a great day of racing at SSS yesterday in the Pot O Gold Regatta. 30 boats in the regatta with 11 of them being Flying Scots. Way to go. Weather was ideal, with breezes from about 8 building to about 15. We got in 3, 2 mile, windward, leeward, windward races with the usual tight roundings and finishes. Chuck T and Bob were on their game winning 2 of the races and winning the Regatta, John and Larry managed a hard fought win and 2nd for the day.

Pot O Gold 2012

Pot O Gold 2012

Consistent finishes put Chuck K and Skip on the podium in 3rd place. It was great to see Steve White, Norris & Mike,Tom & Winnie, Mike and Jim, Don and Ted mixing it up with Sidewalk Express, Leprechan & Eightball. Food Beer and entertainment were traditional Irish and enjoyed by all.

April 7th Scot Racing Recap

Good turnout today. But.....after several recent blown out weekends and 20 kt breeze at 12:00 the group opted for a shore side meeting followed by catching up on lawn mowing and other put off chores.

Good news gang, we have another new boat joining our fleet. I heard today from Andy Lindgren with the news that Andy and his wife purchased FS 5239 (from Ray Laguna, Lake Eustis fleet) and have joined SSS. Give them a welcome when you see them.

April 14th Scot Racing Recap

We had a great day at SSS yesterday. As we gathered for the day of racing the 15-20 mph breeze gave us cause for concern. After delaying about an hour we headed out to give racing a try. Don and crew set up a course between the squadron and the bridge and the we had 3 good tight races. Big wind blasts and windward leeward 2X courses kept things very interesting. Chuck and Bob took the day followed by Eightball and Zoom. The only casualty of the day was the headstay failure on 5577 forcing their early retirement.

The race was the final race of the 2011-2012 season and following the race we had a fantastic potluck chow down followed by some season recognition awards.

2011-2012 Season Recap

We had a great season with 19 different scots taking part in at least one race, with several new boats joining the fleet through the year. Over the course of our 10 race series, we had eight different race day winners, a testament to the depth of the fleet. Top five season results in the fleet were. 1) Eightball, 2) Sidewalk Express, 3) Leprechan, 4) Serendipity, 5) Zoom. Total season results can be found on the Flying Scot Bulletin Board at the squadron.

If you have a Scot that you are interested in selling please let us know. And we will post it to our friends who are looking to buy one.


Tip of the week: On a day with overpowering wind, it is helpful to pull the jib leads aft to open the top of the sail spilling some of that power up high and keeping the boat on her feet.

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