Blown Away

Last Saturday was not quite ideal for Flying Scot Racing. The breeze spigot was turned on high as we headed out. Firth Lady went out early for some practice and quickly found themselves halfway to Bradenton. Zoom and Leprechaun gave it a go also.  Tom, Wayne and I gave chase in Big Ben and scooted on our way to “I” to start the race. Before we were on station it was clear there would be no race as all the sailors were heading in. We stopped to take a wind reading and found steady 20s with gusts to 30. Just too much for Scot racing. On our way in we saw Marvin & Mike heading down from Bird Key YC. Seeing there was not going to be any racing action they headed back up the bay. So, we didn’t have any racing but we did share a few stories before heading home.

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