Flying Scot Summer Racing, July 13

With the unstable weather around these days it seems hard to get in a race date but we were successful in getting in 3 good races Saturday afternoon. 4 Scots ventured out and we started our races right at the goal posts to the channel into the squadron. We found a channel marker towards the Ringling Bridge that was perfectly upwind and we were off. 4 Scots raced in the 6-8 kt breeze in nice smooth water. Conditions were very shifty also with large pressure variations. A couple of sailors from the YSP came out and joined Lucky Dog, Eight Ball & Sidewalk Express. At the end of the day, Sidewalk Express edged out Eight Ball in the last race to take the day. Post race festivities included not just snacks but also a terrific chicken salad and tropical drinks, Thank you Mary Lisa!! This week is the FS North American Championships and we wish the Florida sailors who made the trek, good luck.

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