Great Sat. Evening Racing 9/14

It was a beautiful evening to be on Sarasota Bay last Saturday. With many of our regulars out of town, our turnout was down to the core four of Lucky Dog, Ron’s White Boat, Eight Ball & Mojito. Eight Ball and Lucky Dog were the early birds and got in 2 match races waiting for the others to join in. It was a good chance to do some speed testing. Mojito soon joined in but reported that Ron had some kinks to work out on the White Boat and he was hauling out and taking a DNS for the day. Under ideal flat seas and 6-8 kt breeze off the gulf we got in 3 more races. The last race was a windward, leeward, windward finish at the dock. Following the sailing it was great to hang out at the tables on the docks and enjoy the evening sharing stories and snacks.

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