Chasing Zephyrs

We had a good turnout for the MC Open on February 7 with 11 boats.  Most of us where MC deficit since we did not race the last two Fridays because it was cold, too windy, or both.  It was not possible to keep score since all of the SSS boats were out as race committees for the multi-hull and Viper regattas.  So, we reverted to our 3 minute whistle starts, weather-leeward, two times around with start line as gate.

Valdek won all four races with Ted Weihe and Bob Blomquist  in close pursuit.   It paid off to go left since there were more zephyrs from that side and a favorable current to the weather mark.  Wind was from the East, zero to 8 knots, and backed about 10 degrees, but playing the shifts was less important than finding the wind.  A quick start off the line at the leeward buoy paid off.  Valdek said one of his tricks is to heel the boat over and sheet in for a burst of speed at the start.  It is hard to believe that one MC capsized, and there must be a story there, and a couple of penalty turns such as hitting a mark.

We got in to SSS just before the multi-hulls arrived to keep the dock clear.  The following skippers participated:  Lyn Scott, Randy Scott, Valdek Kwasniewski, Bryant Niedospial, Bob Blomquist, John Tarrant, Burke Wasseman, Stephan Austin, Larry Roemer and Bill Meissenheimer.

On Friday, Richard Elsishans and a group of MC sailors discussed the upcoming MC Sarasota Cup on February 7 and 8 with a practice racing on Friday, the 6th.   We are using this event as a test run for a larger Mid-Winter MC regatta next year.  Richard encourages MC races to register as soon as possible on the SSS website.  A good turnout will encourage our northern brethren to come race with us, the week end before the Mid-Winters in Eustis.

By Ted Weihe

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