Couldn"t Be Better

Sometime you think how could racing in Sarasota Bay be better?  On Friday April 17, seven MCs proved the point with cool overcast, great 8-10 knot winds and perfect sailing conditions.  As seems so regular this time of year, the sea breeze kicked in from the southwest, and we raced two laps, weather-Leeward courses with a starting line and leeward gate.  Generally going left paid off with more pressure, current to the weather mark and lifts.  It did mean that there were some close port tack roundings.  Richard Elsishans and Valdek Kwasniewski tended to led the way with better upwind speed, but most of the fleet were pretty close and competitive down the line.  We are thinking of moving MC racing to Wednesday evening as summer approaches.

We also want SSS to know that Jim Barr’s back surgery went very well and he will be recovering at home.  We wish him well, and expect him to be back on the race course as soon as possible.

By  Ted Weihe

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