MCs Practice in Strong Winds

Rather than our usual races, nine MCs did practice starts by trying to hold your place on the line, figure of eights to refine boat handling and five short two lap races.  After words, Jeff Nicholas (who coached from a powerboat) and Richard Elsishans (fleet captain) shared some of their on-the-water observations.  Examples discussed were: trim main tighter in strong winds, keep boat on its lines (chain plate not in water), vang on hard upwind, but ease at weather mark, heal to weather downwind (but less heal when it is windy) and finish perpendicular to line.

For the five races, it paid to go left and get lifts to the weather mark, use the right gate for the second lap and finish at the left gate.  The winds appeared to be from about 14 to 18 knots with moderate seas.  Racers included: Randy Scott, Lynn Scott, Ted Weihe with Jerry Wheeler, John Tarrant, Dave Pedersen, Mike Dowd (a coach at youth sailing), Valdek Kwasniewski and David Soderland a first time MC skipper. Richard Elsishans crewed for first time MC skipper Phil Maieses.   In addition, Jeff Olsen participated in his laser.  Call Richard at 941 914-0516 (or e-mail him at if you are interested in racing an MC on Friday afternoons or at other events.

BY Ted Weihe

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