Racing above the Bar

On Friday, April 24, seven MCs raced five 20 minute races above the sand bar.  With the wind from the southwest, it was clearer racing around the goal posts and upwind of the sand bar so that there was little interference from the land.  It was about 8 knots and still shifty with two laps, whistle starts and start marks/gates to leeward.  The premium was on upwind speed, a steady fast heal, and bearing off in puffs.  Valdek led the way with the rest of the fleet bunched together.

Racers included: Valdek Kwasniewski (just too fast and tactically on fire), Mike Dowd of the Sailing School (who practiced a capsize), Ted Weihe (blowing the start whistles), Jerry Wheeler (out with a colleague in his old MC for sale), Lynn Scott (getting faster), Randy Scott (always a threat and don’t go inside) and Larry Roemer (often coming out of the blue).  The advantage of MC racing is that after mastering boat speed, boat handling and constant heel, there is a lot of tactics around marks, downwind to protect a led, and finishing and approaching marks on starboard if possible.

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