Richard Elsishans Takes 3 bullets in Third MC Open

Racing with the 10 Flying Scots on the outside course, 11 MCs held their third MC Open on Saturday, December 21. Several sailors noted that the “Northerners” must envy us racing in delightful, 8-10 knots breezes with the temperature in the 70s on Christmas week. The winds were light but provided plenty of speed to keep the MC at hull speed with some occasional strong hiking. Winds were from the southwest with courses weather – leeward from “I” to “E”to”I” and the last of the three races finishing at “E”. Winds veered about 10 degrees generally favoring a starboard tack upwind.
Richard Elsishans in #2483 dominated with three firsts, but close finishes with Valdek Kwasniewski in #2 with two seconds, and Ted Weihe in #2581 with three thirds. In each downwind finish, going high and starboard tacking to the finish paid off, while Weihe narrowly lost by sailing low. Upwind, Richard went left in all three races, coming off the line fast and spacing the fleet to windward. Ted Weihe led the pack in the first race by going right with increasing pressure – but left turned out to be fastest in the last two races aided by a current and right wind shift to the windward mark. Randy Scott in 2315 had excellent upwind speed with a second in the final race. Lynn Scott had her best regatta this season with a fifth, winning the tie breaker with Andy Hodgson.
The lighter wind did not favor the boats with crew. Bob Blomquist in 1728 raced with higranddaughter, Andrea Patrizio (we had to ask what her new last name was since she just got married). New to the class, Bryant Niedospial raced his classic 39 MC for the first time, and has some upgrades in mind to become more competitive. It was also great to see Jim Egan, a champion Flying Scot racer, out for the first time this season, and we know the fleet will see him in the front as he gets faster in his MC.
On a side note, we honored Dick Sherman (known as “Dickie” by his skipper Jim Barr) as the most senior E-Scow sailor at our Christmas party on December 13th. We envy his ability to crew competitively in his upper 80s, a goal we all have.

12/21/2014  Race 3 – MC Open Series One

  1. Richard Elsishans  1,1,1 -3
  2. Valdek Kwasnewski 2,2,4 – 8
  3. Ted Weihe 3,3,3 – 9
  4. Randy Scott 5,4,2 -11
  5. Lynn Scott 4,7,8 – 19
  6. Andy Hodgson 8,6,5 – 19
  7. Larry Roemer 7,8,6 – 21
  8. Jim Egan 6,5,DNS -22
  9. Bob Bloomquist 9,9,7 – 25
  10. Jerry Wheeler/Stephan Austin 10,10,9 -29
  11. Bryant Niedospial DNF,11,9 -31

Series One Standings

  1. Valdek Kwasnewski  1,1,2 – 4
  2. Ted Weihe  6,2,3 -11
  3. Randy Scott  4,3,4 -11
  4. Jerry Wheeler  3,1(RC),10 – 14
  5. Andy Hodgson 4,5,6 – 15
  6. Lynn Scott 7,6,5 – 18
  7. Bob Bloomquist 5,7,9 -21
  8. Richard Elsishans 13*,13*,1 -27
  9. Larry Roemer 8,13*,7 – 28
  10. Jim Egan 13*,13*,8 – 34
  11. Bryant Niedospial 13*,13*,11 – 37
The above standings do not reflect the one throw out per Session.
(*) 12 boats have raced in Session One to date. No Show = 12 +1.
Tie Breakers have been scored by Rule A 8.1.


BY Ted Weihe



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