Valdek Kwazniewski takes another first in the MC series with three bullets

On November 29th, the MC Scow fleet held its second instalment of races in Series One. Races were set in the circle course along with the Flying Scots.  The wind was light and shifty from the East – moving in waves back and forth with small 5 to 8 knot blasts favoring the right and then the left sides of the course.  In the first race, Valdek Kwasniewski in 2223 made the mark on a single tack, and Ted Weihe in 2581 took a short tack to port to catch the wind puffs and  ended up reaching to the mark.  Since the C mark was missing, the race committee enlisted the Hillmyers’ in their powerboat to act as the weather pin for the second and third races.

In the second and third Race, Valdek easily won by immediately tacking to port and riding the irregular wind blasts and outgoing current.  It was easy to get on the wrong side of the wind channels, and surprisingly the wind tended to shift to the opposite direction on the downwind legs.  Given the wind conditions, it was easy to go from the front to the back of the fleet.  Ted Weihe picked his way through the fleet to come in second; and Jerry Wheeler came on strong to finish third.

Valdek Kwasniewski (#2223)       1,1,1                      3

Ted Weihe (#2581)                          2,4,3                    9

Jerry Wheeler (#278)                     3,2,5                    10

Randy Scott (#2315)                        6,5,2                   13

Andy Hodgson (#2610)                  4,3,DNF               15

Lynn Scott (#2308)                         7,6,4                      17

Bob Blomquist (#1728)                  5,7,DNF                20

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