Waiting for the Wind to Die

Friday, March 13, 2015 was not unlucky, but we had to wait for the southerly wind to die down before racing our MCs in the area south of the club where there is little wave action, but plenty of shifty winds.  Usually, we begin racing at about 1 PM, but sat on the dock watching the winds that clocked in at 20+ knots.  The forecast called for decreasing winds, and we ventured out at about 2 PM as the winds had decreased enough for some good high wind practice.  As we did twice around races, we could see that the sea breeze was trying to over-ride the southerly, and, in fact, on the third race, it ended up a reach up and back.  When it is windy over 14 knots, it is best to race “duos” to hold the boat down.  So, Valdek crewed for Lynn, Jerry for Bob and Roger for me, with John and Randy racing solo.  With the shifting winds to the right and lifts off the puffs, it paid to go right upwind in all three races.  So, the lesson is – wait awhile before deciding not to race if wind forecast shows it decreasing.  We believe that the sea breeze was trying to fill in, and as it did, the southerly decreased and eventually, the wind went 90 degrees right.

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