Report from Chubb US Junior Championships

I have just returned from the US sailing Chubb US Junior Championships. I had the privilege to serve on the protest committee for this event. You can read about it at:

Sarasota Youth Sailing had Nick Hernandez and Zachary Jordan in attendance representing area D in the double handed Club 420 quest for the Bemis Trophy. Nick and Zachary finished 5th in very tough competition. What was really very remarkable about attending this event was how well these young adults sailed and how polite and courteous they were off the water. This is an unusual event, parents and coaches are forbidden to attend. US Sailing provided a coach for each of the 3 classes. These sailors were truly independent. All of them were fierce competitors but more importantly, they were all Corinthian, all remarkably poised, they set a very high bar. If any of you are concerned about our youth, don’t be, they are remarkable.

I introduced myself to Nick and Zachary after the event. These are two very polite, mature young adults. Their parents and coaches should be very proud of the behavior, and their performance. They are number 5 in the United States and have a bright future ahead of them. If you see them, please congratulate them on their achievement and let the Sarasota Youth Sailing coaching team know that their efforts are appreciated. They are creating the next generation of sailors. They have achieved excellence and deserve our support.

Speaking of support, our signature event, the Labor Day Regatta is just around the corner. Please contact the office or the Regatta Director, Donna Hillmyer, and volunteer. Many hands make light work.

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