2013 Election Results

435 members voted this year which I understand was a record. I don’t know if official records are kept but I believe that the previous high voting number was in the vicinity of 250 members. The Election Committee that physically tallied the votes included Jon Dowd, John Proctor, Alan Pressman and John Pether. We were assisted by Club Manager , Craig Bridges, while we confirmed that acceptable votes were made by members in good standing.

The Votes were counted 3 times to ensure accuracy of the vote and it took 6 ¾ hours to complete the process.

Commodore    Treasurer   
  John Huber 397   Steve McCormack 223
  Bob Miller 38   Michelle Lee 210
Rear Commodore    Regatta Director   
  Barry Milbourn 231   Peter Robinson 404
  Nelson Roberts  200      
      Social Coordinator   
        Vanessa Hamalian 216
        Sue Forrest 213

The final results were:

  • John Huber: Commodore
  • Steve McCormack: Treasurer
  • Barry Milbourn: Rear Commodore
  • Peter Robinson: Regatta Director
  • Vanessa Hamalian: Social Coordinator


  • Members voted in a majority to reject the acceptance of proposed new Bylaws (221/213).
  • Members voted in a majority to remove Ms. Kaiser from the SSS Board of Directors (227/202).

Congratulations to all those who won Board seats in a very hotly contested race.

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