Anchors & Tie Downs April 2018

The purpose of this communication is to inform you of actions that the Board has approved relative to requiring anchors and tie downs for all boats stored in the land storage area (does not apply to rack stored boats). You may be aware that there were many boats in the storage area that were damaged, or damaged boats around them, during Hurricane Irma last year. One thing in common with all of the damaged boats is that none were tied down to prevent movement during high winds. Boats properly tied down and sails removed suffered no damage. There are 4 actions the club has or will take to prepare for the possibility of future damaging hurricanes and storms:

  1. The Rear Commodore, Ted Weihe, is spear heading an effort to improve the Club’s insurance & physical property “hardness” against storm damage
  2. A “Hurricane Alert” system has been developed to provide early warnings via e-mail to members of impending severe weather where special precautions at the club are necessary. You can get more details on the Weather Alert process and Hurricane Preparedness on the club website in the Information section.
  3. The club will be installing anchors for all land stored boats for use by members to securely tie down their boat in advance of severe weather. In preparation for this, the club land storage system has already been converted from a per foot fee schedule to 5 fixed space sizes. It is expected that the space sizes will remain static although boats may move around, enabling anchors to be permanently fixed in place.

Anchor installation by the club staff will begin in May and will continue until all land stored boat spaces are equipped with anchors. Members should be aware of the following:

  • Club will install anchors for all land stored boats, with an associated member fee. Members may use their own anchors if already installed and reviewed by the club and deemed adequate for the purpose. There will be a fee for installation of anchors, which will be published as soon as ratified by the Board. Club installed anchors remain with the space if a boat is removed or moved. Member owned anchors must be removed if the boat is removed from the space. Members will be billed for anchor installation as they are installed.
  • Straps or tie downs are required on all land stored boats during a Weather Alert or if members are away from the club for any extended period of time. Members away from the club for any extended period of time must utilize straps during their absence. This is particularly important for members who travel north during summer months (hurricane season), but applies to all members year round. Straps are strongly recommended at all times but not mandatory during non-weather alert periods if members are available locally to respond to a Weather Alert.
  • Straps are the responsibility of club members. See the Hurricane Preparedness section of the web site for recommendations on types of straps to be used (minimum of 2 straps or ½” nylon line), and are not supplied by the club.
  • Liability for damage to member boats or surrounding boats remains with the member as noted in the Standing Rules.

Hopefully these precautions will prevent future damage to land stored boats and equipment in the event of a future Weather emergency situation. If you have any questions about the anchor installation process, please contact myself, or the Commodore, Vice or Rear Commodore.



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