Bylaws Rock!

The Bylaws Committee is in high gear as we tackle the many excellent suggestions from the membership for updates, revisions and additions to the current bylaws. In addition to the core committee of John Huber, John Proctor, Herb Larrabee and Linda Tiffan, we have the benefit of three Advisers who are equally as engaged in the review and rewrite process. They are: Craig Bridges, Cindy Clifton and Mike Halliday.

Another layer of oversight and input is also in place. Four active Squadron members serve as a Review Team. Their job is to review the committee’s work prior to review by the Board of Directors. These individuals act as a representative sample of the Squadron membership at large and provide the committee with their perspective on the proposed changes. Members of the Review Team are: Sue Forrest, John Pether, Jose Bosque and Chris Gremley.

The recommendations of the Bylaws Committee will be presented to the Board of Directors in September for input and final approval. Once approved, proposed changes to the existing bylaws will be placed on the ballot and voted on by the Squadron membership in the October/November timeframe.

The Bylaw revisions will be voted on at the same time as members are asked to vote for their choice of candidates to serve on the Squadron Board of Directors.  Everyone is encouraged to become informed voters. You will have several opportunities to meet the candidates and learn about their qualifications and platforms. Take advantage of these opportunities. Everyone is also urged to become familiar with the current bylaws (located on the Squadron website at and to take the time to read the proposed changes that will appear on the ballot. Being an informed voter is a lot to ask, but is well worth the effort.  Thanks, Linda


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  1. Are any of these folks actual Parliamentarians or is an actual Parliamentarian involved as a consultant?