“C” Dock RFQ’s posted for Member Review

As you are probably aware, the club has been planning to replace ‘C” Dock pending the award of a WCIND grant that  will fund approximately 1/2 the cost of this project. The grant has been awarded, and plans are now progressing towards demolition of the current dock and the intallation of a new floating dock.

Attached below are 2 RFQ’s that are posted for Membership review. The first covers manufacture of the new dock, and the second covers installation of the piers, docks, etc. Specifics of the installation RFQ will be completed after a manufacturer has been selected, since installation requirements may change depending on the selection of the dock manufacturer. Both RFQ’s will be posted until approximately January 29th, when it is expected that the RFQ for Manufacture of the Dock will be released, including any comments received. The Installation RFP will be released once the manufacturer has been selected.

If you have comments or suggestions relative to either of these 2 RFQs, please feel free to contact any member of the committee – Ted Weihe, Barry Millbourn, Alan Pariser, Michelle Lee, Dave Hillmyer or Ron Pletsch.   Thank you.


C Dick Bid Documents Manufacture final 1-15-2016


C Dock Bid Documents installation final 1-15-2016


“C” Dock RFQ’s posted for Member Review — 2 Comments

  1. External roller pile guides vs Internal:
    Externals are less popular because they present a slight obstacle to docking.
    But externals have a unique advantage for the Squadron: it is well within the capability of Squadron volunteers to detach a failing dock section and float it to shore, where it can be repaired/refabricated by professional landside welders.
    This is not the case for Internal roller pile guides, where a marine crane is required to remove a section, and its associated cost makes ongoing repair less economically viable than eventual complete replacement.