Passage Makers Future Plans

At our last get together we decided on a number of projects to provide training and information to the folks who like to, and who would like to, have the experience of cruising in their boats.

The idea of coordinating with other like groups on the west coast of Florida was discussed from the perspective of communicating other group’s activities that our member could participate in and what if any reciprocity might be able to be offered to these groups. Deneen Reed has established a group on Meet, where we can post any cruise plans we make. This site can be used to encourage fellow cruisers to join us, and to inform our members of other cruising opportunities. The link is
Please visit the site and join. If you have cruising plans that you wish to share with others you can contact Deneen who is the organizer for the site.

Thanks Deneen!

Everyone agreed that workshops were a good idea and that Saturday mornings, leaving the rest of the day for sailing, would be the best time to schedule. Our first workshop will be to offer Coast Guard Vessel Safety Inspections for any club member who has a boat and would like an inspection. The service is free; the CG does not issue any formal notice if you have deficiencies. If you have this certification it is recognized by most enforcement agencies as indicative of compliance with required safety regulations. In order to plan the day and workload for the inspector we will require confirmation from anyone wanting an inspection on that date. It is suggested that you do a pre-inspection of your vessel. Go to vessel safety check, to find a complete list of required items for your vessel.

Please don’t sign up unless you plan on having your boat available for inspection!

Vessel Inspections: Saturday Feb 20th 10am to noon
Location: SSS
Inspector: Stuart Wallace

Open to all members.  Boats in the yard or in the water.

RSVP by Feb 19 to  attn: CG vessel
inspection appt

A donation of $5 to the coast guard auxiliary is suggested to help them in providing this free service to mariners.

Other topics indentified for training include: Provisioning, Anchoring/Mooring, Splicing How To, Diesel Maintenance, and GPS/Phone apps available. Attendees volunteered to work on getting presenters for each of these topics.

The group would also like to have most recent information on the location and depths in the New Pass Channel since it hasn’t been charted for some time and those with shallow draft boats might consider using it.

Sue Forrest advised of a Garden Work Party to be held on Saturday morning March 5 from 8am to noon. Bring a shovel or rake if you have one and a brunch item to share.  Sue and her students installed all of the gardens at the club and they are now in need of annual maintenance. Everyone is invited to volunteer for this work party.
Please help keep our gardens beautiful!

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