Dead Boats

As your new Rear Commodore I have heard more complaints about “dead boats” in the SSS yard than any other issue.  Many of these boats have not been sailed for years.  The club is not a storage place for unused boats, but for boats whose owners regularly sail them.  Trailers must also be in good condition.  At its first December meeting, the board agreed to enforce the usage rule of “a minimum of once a month for at least 6 months out of the year.”

We have instructed staff to identify unused boats (marked with ribbons), and when sending out January invoices for 2016, we are asking these members to remove their boats within 30 days.  If the boats are not removed, storage fees increase significantly.  After due notice SSS may remove them.*   We have a significant waiting list. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The second issue that I am tackling is to develop a capital and facilities improvement plan for 2016 and budget for it. When I got this job, I was given three wish lists of improvements, but without any priorities, timing or costs.  The board is now reviewing the items on the lists, many of which will be further analyzed for need, cost and timing as we prepare a SSS Master Plan including a Long Range Plan.

*If there is a dispute, a member can appeal to the board.

Ted Weihe, Rear Commodore

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