There is an election soon and politics to some have become more important than sailing. It’s open season to extravagant claims. At least it’s not Washington DC. We have a small vocal group at the squadron who will tell you that we were better off before the current board took office and that they are destroying the Squadron. Now that does sound like Washington. The facts don’t match the claims, just like Washington.

The Squadron is a very rare and special organization. Our costs are reasonable because we rent our land from the city, we keep our facility classic old Florida charming, and we depend upon volunteers, not paid staff, to make our many activities a reality. We don’t have a dining room, fancy bar, library, cloth napkins, and a private china pattern. We do have picnic tables, a fantastic barbeque, a real casual self-service cash bar, a small cart full of used books, rolls of paper towels and lots of paper plates, and we like it that way. We do not want to compete with the elegance and expense of Sarasota Yacht Club or Bird Key Yacht Club. Our niche is old Florida charm, great sailing, simple fun, plus an amazing location and more amazing value. We like the Squadron just the way it is and want to preserve it, encourage more people to join and appreciate it, and strive to make it the best sailing club in the world.

  • There have been about a dozen new members each month.
  • Collaborating with the city, we are building a kayak facility opening the club to a new group of members, human powered water sports enthusiasts, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards.
  • We have established the most aggressive racing schedule in our history, we have more boats racing. We offer a regatta each month, hosting International events, invitational events, more than 75 club one design races each year, a Friday and Sunday series, and numerous land based events.
  • We have an amazing social schedule, it includes family movie nights, pot lucks and many more fun things.
  • Your current board just authorized a new work area crane (which was not in the budget) to ensure the boat work area can support the needs of our members.
  • The Youth Sailing Program is going International
  • We are growing and improving.  We are building new docks and a new, larger gazebo.

Does this sound like a destructive board, really? We are growing and your board is leading the growth. Look for yourself, decide for yourself, if reality and political rhetoric don’t match, just like Washington.

You are hearing claims from some unhappy soul ashore, the rest of us are sailing. Find a Board member, we love to tell you how that goal of being the best sailing club in the world is our passion.

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