Sue Forrest – Candidate for the position of Social Director

Hi Everyone!  Don’t you just love our SSS?   Me too!  I came to the Squadron 3.5 years ago, and I knew right away this was where I belonged!

My name is Sue Forrest and I am running for Office of Social Director at the SSS.

Since my arrival, I have been a part of the Social functions of the club.   Cassandra Roznos, your social director for many years became my good friend, and I learned a great deal from her about the events at the squadron.  I have volunteered many hours and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I have designed and  built, (with the help of my 10th graders ) and now maintain 10 landscape gardens at the Squadron.

I see the position of Social Director as two-fold. First, the Social Director is a positive influence at the squadron that plans and promotes social events that bring people together. The second part  is sitting on the Board of Directors.

My qualifications for the Social side of the position include being a member of this community for 25 years, a high school school teacher, PTO president, Booster Club President, and Youth Leader.  I have put together many social events, both small & large.  I helped to start and lead The Passage Makers at the SSS, as well as chair of the Landscaping Committee.  My goal  is to form an Entertainment committee so that a number of people are involved in the planning and implementation of the many events we do each year.

The Committee will have representatives from all sailing groups; Lassies, Racers, YSP, Cruisers, Recreational Sailors, those that own boats and those that don’t.   This will promote volunteerism and attendance at events.

 Some goals of the Entertainment Committee:

•  Encourage sailing groups to use the club socially and help them get started planning activities

•  Plan and promote Adult and Family events for all sailors at the squadron- traditional and new ideas.

•  Reach out to old and new members to get them involved in social activities.

•  Be a resource to the Regatta director to promote volunteers and social events during Regattas

•  Plan Community events to promote the squadron, sailing and membership


Sitting on the Board of Directors at the SSS is an equally important part of the position. I am an honest, fair, and open-minded person.   I am a person who can see each side of an issue and look to find common ground and common goals between the two.  I am a listener, and believe that all people have a right to be heard.


My qualifications for this part of the position come from my professional life. 

• Built and operated two Medical Laboratories in Florida.  Microbiology Lab at SouthBay Hospital,  Blood Bank Lab at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.

•  Supervised and trained many employees

• Served on a number of committees at the hospitals.

• Worked with OSHA and State Inspectors, and written many State mandated policies and procedures.

• Currently manage the Microbiology Lab at Mote Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Hospital

•Built and currently the Instructor of the Medical Laboratory Assisting Program at Sarasota County Technical Institute


I have worked with a variety of people in my professional life and have performed  in various leadership roles. At the SSS, we have faced difficult issues over this past year, and difficult decisions were made by our Board of Directors.  I believe we can learn from them, rise above them, and find solutions to any future problems we face.  I am a professional, and I know that when we provide an environment of respect, and a listening ear, we can collectively make decisions that benefit the majority of the members, while keeping the squadron’s overall mission in mind.


I have the desire, the experience, the motivation, and the energy to be your Social Director, and with your vote, I look forward to an opportunity to work with other members of the Board in serving you at the SSS.

Thank you for your time and I hope you will choose to trust me with your vote.

Happy Sailing, and I will see you around the club!

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