Lido Key Beach Nourishment

Many of you are aware of the Lido Key Beach Nourishment program. The sand required to nourish the Lido Key beaches will come from Big Pass and other places within the immediate area so the sand is the same. To us that will make Big Pass will be much more navigable. For cruisers, easy access to the gulf, for racers access to Tampa Bay and access by the Tampa Bay sailors.

Governor Scott’s budget includes 1.4 Billion for Florida’s environment including the states portion of the funding for the Lido Key Beach Nourishment. The City is abroad because of the positive economic impact to Lido Key. The Army Corps of Engineers are completing a final model to ensure there are no negative impacts resulting from the project. So far their analysis is no negative impacts south of Lido Key.

The key to success is the 3 groins (stone retention walls) on the south end of Lido Key that will reduce erosion. These are going to be mostly below the sand line so not very visible. The southernmost groin and Big Pass are in Sarasota County domain and Siesta Key residents are doing all they can to block the project. They believe that it will take sand from Siesta Key. Most of the sand on Siesta Key came from beaches to the north. No sand will be removed from Siesta Key, just Big Pass.

Siesta Key has mounted an email campaign to influence County Commissioner’s. A group of concerned Lido Key groups met and asked to have anyone they know email the county. Further they will be preparing petitions to sign asking the County to approve the project. A government official stated that commissioners are only getting negative emails; they are not getting many that are for the project.

Approval will result in a navigable Big Pass with funds to keep it that way for the next 50 years. I hope you agree this is important to us at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. When the petition is available, I will bring it to the office where I hope those of you who believe this is an important project, will come sign the petition.

The County Commissioner’s are:

  • District 1               Carolyn J Mason     
  • District 2               Joseph A Barbetta 
  • District 3               Christine Robinson
  • District 4               Nora Patterson       
  • District 5               Charles D Hines       

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